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Since 1978, the Ingram firm has represented diverse plaintiffs with severe injuries. The firm emphasizes personal treatment of their clients. All injuries a plaintiff suffers require an individualized response on behalf of their lawyer - just as each person is different from one another, each personal injury demands specialized understanding and treatment.

The Ingram firm limits its practice to major litigation, so it can bring forth the fire power that has produced numerous verdicts and settlements in excess of $1,000,000, in such varying cases as; aviation disasters, highway-design litigation, mud slide cases (Pacifica), insurance bad-faith, industrial accidents, automobile accidents, legal malpractice, medical malpractice, defective product claims, and many others.

In addition to the California Courts Mr. Ingram has handled cases in many other States, including:

- The 3-Mile Island nuclear disaster in Pennsylvania;

- A North Dakota farmer who lost his legs to a defective farm implement;

- The "Aloha 241" aircraft accident in Hawaii;

- A $2,600,000.00 verdict in Michigan against an Ohio maintenance company that caused a Learjet crash and the death of 2 men;

- A $5,650,000.00 verdict in Michigan for a family devastated by a negligently designed highway;

- An in-flight break up of a Lockheed Electra over Pennsylvania which threw out a passenger who fell 22,000 feet to his death resulting in a $2,000,000.00 jury verdict;

- A $900,000.00 wrongful death settlement in Iowa for a Learjet accident;

- A $900,000.00 settlement for serious burns from a defective dairy evaporator;

- And a $2,400,000.00 settlement for injuries in a construction accident.

Ingram's Firm has represented clients with varying injuries such as:

- Spinal injuries resulting in quadriplegia, tetraplegia, and paraplegia;

- Fractures of the hip, wrist, arm, skull, ribs, femur, spine (vertebrae), tibia, fibia, patella, foot, ankle and fingers (including severed fingers);

- Traumatically amputated limbs;

- Traumatic brain injuries from falls, automobile and industrial accidents, and luggage falling out of the overhead bins of airplanes;

- Brain damage caused by oxygen depravation (anoxia);

- Organic brain injuries;

- Closed head injuries;

- Axonal brain tissue damage;

- Psychological damage;

- Carpel tunnel syndrome;

- Complex Regional Pain Sytndrome (Reflex sympathetic dystrophy);

- Radiological misadventures, epidural spinal abscesses;

- Ruptured/herniated spinal discs;

- And burn injuries.

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