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Specializing in catastrophic personal injury and wrongful death, the Ingram firm has the experience to handle diverse claims and injuries:

In addition to slip-and-fall injuries and automobile accidents, the firm has handled:

Industrial Accidents:
The Ingram firm has successfully handled numerous serious industrial accidents. These cases range from the malfunction of a concrete pumping machine which resulted in the plaintiff being impaled on an unguarded concrete reinforcement bar through his head; a scissors lift tip over; a defective creamery evaporator which malfunctioned and seriously burned a worker; and saws and dock levelers that severed fingers. The Ingram firm has also represented workers who had crushed hands, feet, arms, and legs from defectively designed machines, suffered serious injuries from falls because of faulty construction or a negligently cut trench (without guards).

Aircraft Accidents:
Ingram has represented numerous clients in multiple Lear Jet accidents as well as 80 widows whose husbands lost their lives because of the German version of the F104 Star Fighter manufactured by Lockheed. The firm has also dealt with commercial air carrier disasters, such as, Aloha 241, Egypt Air 990 and Korean Airlines accidents and they have litigated claims for persons injured because of objects falling out of overhead bins (United, Southwest, and America West Airlines).

Robert B. Ingram has also handled cases involving commercial and military aviation manufacturers such as Boeing, McDonald–Douglas, Raytheon, and SIAI Marchetti, etc. as well as against aircraft engine manufacturers, parts suppliers, maintenance facilities, FBO's, Certified Flight Instructors, and pilots.

Product Liability:
Dock levelers, scissors lifts, fork lifts, ATV's, SUV's, aircraft, aviation/avonic components.

Auto Defects:
Of special interest to the firm are auto defects, including seat-back failures, roll-overs, roof-crush, clutch failures, and exploding gas tanks.

Construction Injuries:
These cases have been varied and complex, from falls off roof tops and through sky-lights, to a traffic-control worker killed at a construction site; from tip-overs of scissors-lifts and forklifts, to falls into trenches; from having hands cut off on power saws, to workers being shot by nail guns. The Ingram firm has handled just about every type of construction accident.

Legal Malpractice:
Legal malpractice based upon other lawyers' failures to properly handle cases for their clients, such as the types of cases described above.

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